Lampropeltis mexicana (San Luis Potosí Kingsnake)

Northeastern Guanajuato

Foothills and mesas associated with the Sierra Madre Oriental extend into northeastern Guanajuato.  This xeric, rock-strewn landscape is occupied by a recently-discovered population of Lampropeltis mexicana, helping to fill a gap in the distribution of this species.  Examination of these new specimens reveals obvious pattern similarities to the well-known Valle de los Fantasmas (SLP) population to the north, though with some new variation.  The elevation is approximately 7430 ft (2264) m).  The images included here were taken during the period of June-August 2008, both before and during the summer rainy season.  Dry, pre-monsoon conditions are evident in the first five photos (taken in mid-June), whereas the last three photos (one in mid-July, two in late August) reflect the transformation in the landscape associated with monsoonal moisture. All images courtesy of Eric Centenero Alcalá.