Lampropeltis leonis (Nuevo Leon Kingsnake)

Mountains near Ascensión, Nuevo Leon

The Chihuahuan Desert quickly transitions to fairly dry pine woodland of the Sierra Madre Oriental near Ascensión. These western-facing slopes are characterized by well-developed pine forest (3 species of Pinus occur here), together with AgaveAcacia, and sages (Salvia spp.).  The elevation here is approximately 6100–6200 ft (1859–1890 m). Other herpetofauna observed in this area includes Mexican Pine Snakes (Pituophis deppei jani), Texas Nightsnakes (Hypsiglena jani), Texas Spiny Lizards (Sceloporus olivaceous), Sceloporus minor, Texas Alligator Lizards (Gerrhonotus liocephalus), Common Spotted Whiptail (Aspidoscelis gularis), Sceloporus parvus, Texas Patch-nosed Snake (Salvadora grahamiae lineata). July–August 2008.