Lampropeltis greeri (Durango Mountain Kingsnake)

Rancho Santa Barbara, Durango

Moving westward along Mexican Highway 40 (Durango to Mazatlan highway) from the city of Durango (6100 ft/1859 m) at the edge of the Mexican Plateau, one slowly climbs in elevation and the vegetation changes to a pine-oak woodland. Rancho Santa Barbara (formerly Weicher Ranch; elev. ca. 7400–8000 ft/2255–2438 m), occupies a large area of mixed pine-oak woodland and grassy valleys. This area has provided virtually all of the founder stock of Durango Mountain Kingsnakes, which were collected from here in numbers during the 1970s and early 1980s. All photos copyright 2005 by Joseph E. Forks. (August 2005).