Lampropeltis greeri (Durango Mountain Kingsnake)

Mesa Montoro, Western Aguascalientes

This area lies near the base of the Sierra Fría, and consists of oak savannah and rocky hills. Durango Mountain Kingsnakes frequent rocky slopes as well as the rock-strewn fringes bordering small streams. Several rattlesnake species occur here: Banded Rock Rattlesnakes (Crotalus lepidus klauberi), Mexican Black-tailed Rattlesnakes (C. molossus nigrescens), (Lance-headed Rattlesnakes (C. polystictus), and Mojave Rattlesnakes (C. s. scutulatus). Other snakes observed in this area include Mexican Gartersnakes (Thamnophis eques), Mexican Highland Gartersnakes (T. pulchrilatus), Mexican Pine Snakes (Pituophis deppei), Bocourt’s Black-headed Snakes (Tantilla bocourti), and Mexican Lyre Snakes (Trimorphodon tau tau). [2350 m/7712 ft] (July 2006).